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Client Testimonials: Divorce, Family Law, Personal Injury

To protect client privacy and confidentiality, the names of the individuals associated with these testimonials have been omitted. The results to which the testimonials refer were unique to specific cases, and readers should not assume that their matters would end with similar outcomes.

"Great experience!"

"I have recommended three more of my friends to Bruce for child support/parenting time issues. He is very friendly and knowledgeable, has a great demeanor, and makes me feel comfortable and confident when asking any degree of questions. His staff is friendly and efficient. I wouldn't go anywhere else. Bruce and his staff respond to correspondence and requests quickly."

"He truly and wholeheartedly cares"

"Bruce Brown is amazing! He truly and wholeheartedly cares about the children and does all that he can to protect them. He always answers the phone when he is needed and returns phone calls immediately when he is out of the office. Bruce has represented not only myself and my children but also my daughter for her child, and my nephew for his son. Each and every one of the cases was successfully settled in the best interest of the children!"

"My son and I both thank you!"

"I would HIGHLY recommend Bruce to anyone looking for a solid family law attorney. Bruce understands the difficulties that both parents and children face in custody disputes and will give you, hands down, the very best representation available. Thanks to Bruce and his awesome team, I am able to raise my son with the level of involvement that both my son and I both deserve. Best money I have ever spent and worth every penny! Kudos, Bruce! My son and I both thank you!"

"Less expensive than similar options"

"Bruce Brown was professional and aggressive. While I was in Germany and en route to move to Alabama, he and his firm worked with me by phone and email to win me custody of my kids after they had lived away for over two years. Not only is the firm less expensive than similar options, but they also make a point to be careful with the retainer by minimizing your costs within the case."

"Tough, intelligent, quick to respond"

"Bruce Brown won everything I asked for in my custody battle, including child support being cut in half. He fought every step of the way for me! Bruce is a very tough and intelligent lawyer, and yet affordable too. I paid half of what my ex paid her lawyer and won! Bruce and his staff were understanding to my questions and concerns, and were very knowledgeable and quick to respond. Yes, a lawyer that responds to you in a timely manner! In the past, I trusted a lawyer that just took my money and did nothing for me. This was not the case with Bruce. Even though I was worried at times with the games my ex and her attorney played, such as a false restraining order, Bruce was so smart that he used their games against them every time. Because Bruce was such an excellent lawyer, I now have a lot more time with my children and I am so happy! Bruce Brown gets the job done!"

"Great customer service ... truly cares"

Bruce is a consummate professional, very approachable and results oriented attorney. He is dedicated to great customer service and he truly cares about his client's and their families. His ability and willingness to create solutions to problems both in and out of the box to produce a positive outcome is a testament to his commitment to those that he serves. I thoroughly enjoy working with him. He would be a great choice for anyone who needs an personal injury or family law attorney.

"Sanity and dignity intact"

"Attorney Brown has excelled in his performance over the past 13 months of my divorce. His 20-plus years of experience and his positive attitude helped me to weather the long legal process caused by our court system being backed up. He helped me to keep on track and focused on what was best for me and my children, while not falling for the game playing and dirty tricks that others want you to do. No divorces are easy or painless, but Mr. Brown and his exceptional staff help you to get through it all with your sanity and, hopefully, your dignity intact."

"Sense of humor and positive attitude"

Having an abusive husband made it hard to trust anyone, especially a male attorney. However, after repeatedly being told by my girlfriend that Mr. Brown could help me, I finally saw him for a consultation and I am glad that I did. Mr. Brown has a great deal of experience helping women and children escape from the cycle of abuse. He also helped me understand that I was not the blame for my partner's outbursts. He got my children and me out of that situation and got a good result. His sense of humor and positive attitude contributed directly to my morale and outcome.

"Turned my case around"

I hired Bruce Brown after firing my first lawyer who charged a bunch and did nothing for eight months. Although he had a lot of catching up to do, Bruce was able to turn my case around in three months. He stopped my wife's aggressive lawyer in her tracks and got me equal time with my boys. He even got the Judge to tell my wife it was time that she stopped sitting around at home, the free ride was over and she needed to get a job!

"Treats clients with respect ... high integrity"

"Bruce was recommended to me by my accountant who was very impressed by him. I had another attorney who was working on a case for me for over a year without an end in sight. And the fees were astronomical. I hired Bruce and within a few months the case was resolved and in my favor. He was amazing to watch, he knew the law and wanted only to protect his client, me. I have followed his guidance and expert advise on many issues since then and always with a favorable outcome. He is always accessible and treats his clients with respect. He is one in a million. Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity."

Sources of a Divorce and Personal Injury Attorney's Business

Referrals are the lifeblood of any small business, especially small law offices. Frankly, we could not survive without referrals, as we do not advertise. We survive by doing good work for people at reasonable prices, and hopefully our firm name gets out by word of mouth.

Having practiced law for thirty years now, I have had referrals from a wide variety of sources, including current clients, former clients, family members, other lawyers, members from my church, parents from my son's Boy Scout troop, childhood friends, educators from my kids' schools, and local business leaders. 

For the last several years, I’ve also received a growing number of referrals from what I at first thought was a very unusual source: the other party in a previous case!

While I felt oddly unsettled by this source of referrals at first, I have grown to accept them as a compliment. For a person who was on the other side to now suggest to a relative or friend that they use me as their lawyer is truly an expression of praise. In fact, I have been told by a number of these new clients that they were referred to me because they had heard that I was well prepared, honest, knowledgeable about the law, and/or had a good control of the courtroom situation.

Although somewhat humbling, I cannot help but to think: Who was my adversary in the previous case, why were they not prepared, and what did I do to earn their client’s respect?

Another source of referrals is a growing number of family law attorneys who send cases my way. Some are now retired or have stopped practicing in the family law area; however, a number of fellow practitioners will send cases that they know are unduly messy or complex, as they do not want to handle such high-stress action. Still others do not want to go against a particularly aggressive or disagreeable lawyer on the other side but want to make sure that the prospective client is in good hands. Whatever the reason, I find these referrals, albeit unusual, a complimentary act.

However you find me, please feel free to give me a call if there is anything that we can do to help you or someone who trusts your judgment, within my areas of practice: family law, personal injury, wills and probate.
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