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Divorce Preparation

Getting Divorced in Arizona: Preparatory Steps

Individuals may have foresight as to the divorce and be able to begin preparing themselves for the inevitable filing.

At the Brown Family Law Group, we find that the majority of divorces are relatively peaceful. Attorneys are not always involved, as the couple is able to work things out between themselves. However, in cases where there is hostility or even violence, it is important that you get organized before the divorce.

Gathering documents is always important. In many cases, one spouse is responsible for all of the financial matters and the other spouse may not even know about any of those issues. It is important that you gather all documents relating to finances of the marriage, along with other types of evidence that may aid in property division and the potential awarding of alimony (spousal support).

If the divorce is turning hostile and argumentative, it may be essential to seek Bruce Brown's assistance as an experienced divorce attorney. He can guide you through the steps in the divorce process.

Making Lists

Making lists of property in the house, along with debts, assets, investments, credit cards and other items is important. This can ensure that everything is accounted for and your spouse is not hiding anything. Photographs or video recordings are often invaluable later in documenting your possessions.

Reducing Costs

We understand that legal representation can become extremely costly. Though the advice and guidance of an experienced attorney can be beneficial, we work with clients to ensure that we can keep their legal costs down whenever possible.

Having copies of financial documents, tax returns, insurance policies and other documents can be a great first step in the process. The more you can educate yourself on the family's finances, the more information you can get across to us. That way, we can assess the possibilities for the case and make a determination about how many hours may be poured into your case, or completed by you when possible.

Standing in line to request documents, obtaining copies, doing research: all of these activities are things that a lawyer would bill a client for. However, our firm works closely with clients and allows them to do a good portion of the leg work on their own in order to keep their costs down. The more leg work you can do on your own, the less you pay your lawyer. Also, the more information you can obtain, the smoother the case may go. This can also keep costs down, as the faster the case is over, the sooner you can stop paying your attorney.

Avoiding a Trap

Spouses who are steadfast in their desire to argue about the divorce and related issues will inevitably spend more money on the divorce. This is because contested divorces get drawn out longer, more research is involved and more attorney involvement is required to ensure your rights are protected. Typically, more fighting causes more court hearings as well. Taking a case to court is also more expensive, which is what has to happen in contested divorces. If you want to keep your costs down, it may serve you to work with your spouse as much as possible to secure a resolution.

Unfortunately, some spouses will go to great lengths in order to have something to use against the other spouse in court. They will often "set a trap" for the other party by pushing their buttons or tricking them into saying something or doing something that the party feels will benefit their case.

Do not give in to taunting. Take a deep breath, walk away, get out of there for a while or seek counsel from a friend or relative. It is important that your spouse be given no ammunition to say he or she is in fear for their safety due to your verbal or physical outburst.

For more information on how Bruce Brown handles cases involving children and divorce, please contact us. We are dedicated to handling your case with your best interests, and your children's futures, in mind, and are committed to providing guidance and education to help you understand the divorce process and make informed decisions about your future.
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